Q. There are so many choices, why HiDef Photo Booth?

A. There are plenty of choices, and many quality photo booths in the North Jersey area. We offer easy to understand upfront pricing and a high quality and good looking photo booth with all the newest technology. Green Screens, Photo Strip or 4×6 printing, Facebook Upload, Password Protected Online Galleries, Touch Screen, and lots of Fun!

Q. Open Style, Hard Booth, Soft Booth, Mirror Booth, Roamers, 360 Booths… My head is spinning! What’s the difference between these photo booths, and what is yours?

A. We offer 4 types: Open, Hard with soft back, Mirror, and 360. The benefit of the open style booth is that it has a small footprint and you can fit the most people in front of the camera. The hard booth with curtain gives you the feeling that the traditional photo booth feel but allows you to fit more guests in each shot.
Fully Hard Booths are Arcade style booths with a hard casing all around, and you cannot fit more than 2-3 people in each picture.  Hard Booths are also difficult and expensive to transport, making them more expensive to hire.
Many soft booths are just a curtain and then a mystery setup inside. If you’re looking at a soft booth make sure you see a picture of the inside. You may be surprised to find a camera on the tripod inside and a household inkjet printer on the outside.

Q. What type of printer do you use?

We use a Dye-Sublimation printer. This is the only type of printer that should be utilized with a photo booth to provide the highest quality prints possible. A Dye-Sublimation printer utilizes heat to print the photo, there is no Ink to smear or run, it is dry as soon as it prints, because it is never wet. Our printer cuts your pictures to a 2×6 photo booth strip or a 4×6 print.

Q. How does your photo booth work?

A. Walk in, touch the screen and show us your 3 or 4 best poses. Your session will print within 15-20 seconds.

Q. Do you offer photo booths in different colors other than black with a black curtain?

A. Our photo booths are black and white, but you do have a choice of curtain colors, we currently have Black and Red curtains. Unless specified, the black curtain goes with the black booth, and red curtain with the white booth. We are always open to adding more curtain colors, if you have one in mind let us know!

Q. What are the physical and electrical requirements for the photo booth?

A. The photo booth requires an area of about 4′ deep x 6′ wide x 7′ high. The photo booth requires one 120 VAC, 10A, 3 prong power outlet within 30 feet.

Q. Can you print a logo, monogram, graphic or text message on our photos?

A. Yes we can. We can use your existing logo, a selected graphic,  or provided text. If using a monogram/logo, depending on size, we MAY require either a 4×6 photo or 3 pictures per sessions on a 2×6 strip so the logo will fit appropriately. 3 lines of text are included in a 2×6 strip with 4 pictures per session at no charge.
Custom made logos/monogram are available at an additional charge which varies based on need.

Q. How many photos appear on each print?

A. Each print contains 4 photos or fewer if you desire.

Q. How many sessions does your booth take per hour?

A. The photo booth takes your picture four times in a session. One session lasts between 40-60 seconds, so the photo booth can provide about 50-70 sessions in an hour, or approximately 240 different pictures.