The Booth

Our photo booths are not the booth your grandparents used on the boardwalk.

Included with every package:

  • Touch Screen
  • Photos are taken seconds apart at the single touch of the scree
  • Guests choice of Color or Black and White photos (Special Filters available by request)
  • Traditional style with curtain or Open Style with backdrop
  • Fits 5-7 guests with the curtain, more without
  • 2×6 photo strip prints
Other Capabilities:
  • Dye-sublimation Printer: This means the photo is printed in under 20 seconds and is instantly dry
  • Online Access to digital prints
  • USB Flash Drive with every photo
  • Various Props for and added touch of fun
  • Green Screen: Have various fun backgrounds instead of just a curtain
  • Optional 4×6 photo prints allow for larger and/or more photos and other customization

We have a couple different booths, check them out below!

Open With Backdrop
Mirror Booth with Backdrop

Curtain Enclosed:


Open with custom backdrop & red carpet with stanchions