Not a Mystery Booth!

What is wrong with a “mystery booth”?

Many companies will advertise a “Photo Booth”. But it is anything but one, frequently it is simply made out of pvc pipe or metal piping surrounded by some kind of drapery, whether it be velour or otherwise. The whole concept of what a photo booth really is, can be completely lost in this type of set-up.

If you were to pull back their curtain and take a look on the inside you will most commonly find a camera on a tripod and a screen on another tripod. The session is started by the attendant outside of the booth. Many of these companies print a 2×6 strip of the pictures in the middle of a 4×6 piece of paper and the finished items looks unprofessional.

These companies frequently use a home inkjet printer that is often placed outside the set-up, on a table, and takes 1 minute to print and then another minute to dry.

Most importantly, because of the printing equipment that is used, the pictures taken in these booths will fade and smear.

How our Photo Booth services differ

Our HiDef Photo Booth is not made of “pipe and drape”, but rather, is a traditional style photo booth casing with a solid exterior, that uses a top of the line, industry standard, dye-sublimation printer to produce 2 photo strips of 4 pictures per session on high quality photo paper (or a professionally designed 4×6 if desired). It is completely user controlled and our attendant is really just there to help move the guests in and out. It is so easy to use we’ve seen kids as young as 3 and adults as old as 90 start the booth all on their own. You get in, close the curtain, tap the screen to start, watch the count down timer, snap 4 pictures, exit the booth and within 15 seconds your photos are printed- there is no person involved with when and how your pictures come out- you and your guests are in control, and our friendly attendant is there to help with props or the flow of guests in and out of the booth.

  • We do not have any hidden fees, our pricing is 100% upfront, our contract is short and fully states our responsibilies in providing you excellent service.
  • We provide UNLIMITED sessions within your booked time. We don’t have ANY asterisk on that, it is truly unlimited.

Price isn’t always a reflection on the booth and service

  • If the company doesn’t have photos of the inside and outside of their booth posted on the web, ask for them.
  • Ask for details on how the photos print, including what type of paper and ink it uses.
  • Ask for hidden fees (travel) and any potential additional charges.
  • Check the contract before you commit to a company, you never know what your getting yourself into.
  • Ensure the company has Liability Insurance. This will protect you, your guests, and the venue.