Our Photo Booths are very versatile and we have a lot more features available than listed on our packages page. This page provides an overview of those features.

2×6, 4×6 or 6×8 prints on photo shop quality printers µ
2×6 prints are the “standard”, but 4×6 and 6×8 prints are available as well with our Photo Booths. If you desire other sizes such as 5×7 and 8×10 we can accommodate it with our Photographer setup.

Enclosed or Open µ
Enclosed for some privacy which helps shy guests have more fun, or Open to fit more guests in the photo or to use with a custom backdrop, red carpet, etc.

Custom Backdrops µ
Custom Step & Repeat backdrops are available.

Red Carpet Experience µ
Make it a full red carpet experience by adding stanchions and a red carpet.

Green Screen µ
We’ll work with you to select a few fun backgrounds that your guests can then pick from when they use the booth.

GIF Motion µ
Have a motion background with an upload to Twitter/Facebook/etc to add some extra fun to the photos.

3D Animated GIF µ
3D without glasses?! It’s possible with an optical illusion trick.

Social Kiosk µ
Add a dedicated social kiosk so guests can upload their photos from our tablet. Guests will be in and out of the booth quickly, allowing non-stop booth fun.

Slow Motion Video ¹
Create fun videos in slow motion. It can give you a whole new perspective.

Virtual Props  µ
Add props into your photos after you take it. How creative are you?

Light Painting µ
Using our touchscreen monitor, paint your photos with light for a custom creation.

Filters µ
Sepia? Valencia? We can have fun with filters too!

Face Morphing µ
See how your face can morph into your friend Joe, or even someone famous.

Custom Meme µ
Memes can be funny, especially when you create your own.  We can even use the meme feature to create custom baseball cards, superlatives, etc.