Groupon Deal

You found our exclusive deal for Morris County!

Groupon, Living Social, and similar sites can offer a great deal for consumers. Groupon takes a huge cut from these deals, frequently causing a money loosing deal for the vendor, and has even put some small business, out of business. Groupon is great for restaurants and destinations that want to generate customers, but for a service that most people only use for very special occasions, it is a loosing deal, for you and them. Don’t risk your once in a lifetime event worrying if your Groupon company will go out of business before your event.

So what can we do to still give you a great offer? 

Fill out our reservation form. We will reply with our best price for your event. Take the offer, and pay a deposit to hold the date, or reply that you are interested in paying in full at booking, and take 10% off the price!


  1. You must be booking our photo booth at least 45 days in advance.
  2. The 10% offer is not valid on Memorial Day, July 4th,  Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve.
  3. This offer cannot be combined with the discount provided when also booking our DJ and/or Lighting services.

You can pick either our enclosed booth, or open booth.



Enclosed                                                                        Open Style